JejuDoge is a project that began as a trend shattering dream, in which a group of experienced developers and community managers gathered their creative minds together. Seeking to breed this new type of token that would strip away all of the past difficulties and limitations most tokens in the BSC network -prior to JejuDoge- had.
And so, the hiring of competent hands began. From marketers to graphic designers, all called upon by their great talents, all very needed to acheive the level of excellence the original team had intended.

Why JejuDoge?

🐕 The Jeju Dog (Hangul: 제주개; Hanja: 濟州犬), which is also called Cheju Dog, Chaeju, and JejuGae, is a breed of dog that was brought back from the edge of extinction in 1986, when only three of them were found on the entire island of Jeju in South Korea. Since then, an aggressive campaign of breeding has yielded a current population of close to 300. However, the ‘pure bred’ Jeju Dog population is only estimated to be at about 69 as of September 2010. 🐕

Let’s talk about the Tokenomics:

Liquidity Constantly Increasing

9% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool.


Every transaction removes tokens from circulation which in turn reduces the circulating supply.

100% Safe. Unruggable. Whaleproof.

Ownership has been renounced by the Dev and LP tokens have been burned, leaving full ownership to the community.

Hodlers rewarded

1% of every transaction is redistributed to every hodler, thereby increasing every holders wallets without staking.

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